Milk vending machine

Located in the centre of Honiton, you can use our vending machine to buy delicious farm-fresh milk. The card-only machine will dispense either 1 litre into a bottle, or you can enjoy a cup full.

Our reusable 1 litre glass bottles are available for £2 in a separate vending machine.

Alternatively, bring your own reusable bottle.

Note our bottles are new (and sterile of course) and the milk vending machine nozzle is cleaned after each drink is dispensed.

Just Milk & Shakes reusable bottles

Our milk is locally sourced, pasteurised and non-homogenised. It is perfectly chilled, with a beautiful creamy taste.

How does it taste so good?

One of the reasons our milk tastes extra delicious is because it is non-homogenised 😋.

Homogenisation is a process where milk is forced through a series of high-pressure pipes to break up the natural fat globules within the milk, so they disperse evenly throughout. Large processors homogenise their milk in order to give it a whiter appearance and to extend its shelf life.

As our milk is non-homogenised, the cream rises to the top, just as nature intended. If you’d prefer to disperse the cream layer in our milk, simply give your bottle a good shake.

Because our milk is non-homogenised and more natural, a number of our customers have told us they find it much easier to digest, when previously they have struggled to drink supermarket milk.

Nutritional information

The milk has the same nutritional value as Whole Milk, packed full of:

  • Calcium (for our bones, teeth, muscles and nerves),
  • Potassium (helping to maintain normal blood pressure),
  • Vitamin B12 (for our red blood cells and immune system),
  • Vitamin B2 (reducing tiredness and fatigue) and
  • Protein (helping to maintain muscle tissue).

Both vending machines accept card payments only. All credit/debit/top-up cards accepted.

In case of any issues, please call 07841 486628. CCTV (with sound) in operation.

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